5 Things to do Regularly to Support Your Small Business Website

5 Things to do Regularly to Support Your Small Business Website

Each time I receive a call from a prospect to help them with their website, I see mostly the same issues again and again. They range from a poorly done DIY site all the way up to a professionally built site that isn’t producing results. No matter what the initial build was, the upkeep is usually the culprit. By this I mean:

1. Keep the content updated – Search engines love content. The way to make your way to the top & stay there is to add relevant information to your site as your business grows, your industry changes, your client list expands. Usually this is done via a blog linked to/from your site. But it can also be done by adding new services/products, creating downloadable pages, link new press releases, add new employees, etc. I often hear people say that their website is their online brochure – yes, but even better in that it can be updated frequently at little to no cost. Your site is not a static document, rather it is a living, breathing critical part of your business.

2. Look at it with fresh eyes – Every once in a while log on to your own site. You’d be surprised how this simple act can help you view your information as others do. If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, do it right now to see what I mean. You may notice things that need adjusting, updating, rewriting or even deleting of old information.

3. Update your footer – The other day I got a call from a small business owner whose site was stale, including the footer which still had a copyright date of 2007. Oh my. This is so bad for your image as it makes you seem disconnected from your own business. As you plan your New Years’ celebrations each year, put ‘update website footer’ on your to do list.

4. Do a logic check – A prospect who worked from home had Google maps on her site because she said someone told her it was good for SEO. Well, yes – but the map was to her business mailing address at the PO. She then admitted that over the years a couple people told her they tried to go to her office only to find out it was postal mailing address. That’s bad. Imagine how many people didn’t tell her? When I questioned her, she said she didn’t want her home address used because she had babies at home. Perfectly understandable – just remove the tool if it isn’t serving your business well.

5. Prioritize your site – Treat your website as an employee who needs to be nurtured & taken care of in order to perform well. Everyone once in a while it needs to be given direction to keep up with your business, or it may need upgrading once in a while to be the best it can be.

In a nutshell, if you treat your website well it will pay you back. It is after all your digital salesperson so give it an upgrade now & then – it’s cheaper than a raise.

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