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19 Feb, 2018

Customer Experience is your best competitive defense

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Did you know that front line employees can have a greater impact on brand perception than any other factor and can kill even the best marketing intentions on contact? Recently, I walked into a business I've been frequenting for many years now. While trying to make an appointment, the clerk answered the phone completely dismissing me. [...]

4 Feb, 2018

Why NonProfits Must Develop a Marketing Mindset

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For the causes I believe in, I make sure that I donate money to show my support and do my part to help those organizations carry out their missions. I'm sure this is why everyone donates to their personal causes – to see their money put to good use. I used to write checks a few [...]

17 Jan, 2018

The 2018 List of Small Business Tools

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When in Rome... For the past couple weeks I've been seeing "18 Ways to Lose Weight," and $18 sales to celebrate the New Year. I think they're a little corny, but I read them right?!?! So, to start off the New Year, here's my contribution to corny marketing.... 18 must-have small business marketing software solutions to [...]

31 Dec, 2017

Consider Working with a Marketing Consultant in 2018

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Most entrepreneurs I’ve done business with have come straight out of corporate jobs where they had marketing departments. They never had to think about this critical role of the business and therefore just took it for granted. Once on their own they thought Hey, I can do this but then realize they don’t really know how. [...]

12 Nov, 2017

#ShopSmall #SmallBusinessSaturday

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In celebration of Small Business Saturday on November 25th, here's lots of great information and resources for local business marketing. These helpful tips and techniques will help you get the most from being a local business and be better able to grab your share of the pie. Research shows that: • 74% of all online activity [...]

8 Oct, 2017

Get Ready for Trade Show Season

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It's that time of year again when businesses are in the throes of Trade Show season. Trade Shows are great networking opportunities as you exhibit, walk the floor, attend break-out sessions or just go to peruse and meet new business partners. All are ways to stay on top of your industry and worth the effort. Here [...]

6 Oct, 2017

StartUp Weekend New Haven 2017

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Save the Date - October 20-22 Techstars Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where attendees learn how to build a company in a weekend. Since 2007, Techstars Startup Weekend has taken place in over 150 countries with more than 200,000 alumni. Participants take their product or business idea to the next level and join in a [...]

5 Sep, 2017

How to Combat Showrooming

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Hundreds more retailers have filed for bankruptcy in 2017 -- a 100% increase over 2016. This represents an enormous cultural shift in the way consumers shop, the impact of which is devastating to both local communities and their small business owners. Many industry experts blame showrooming for this trend. Showrooming occurs when consumers use retail locations [...]

4 Aug, 2017

The Summer Reading List

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1001 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Small Business, by Lisa Shaw - this little book is a fast-paced, fun read and covers just about every marketing tactic pre-1997. Good sage, basic marketing advice. Especially relevant for today's marketing environment, I promise you'll find creatively genius ideas that you've never thought of. (The) Creative Habit: Learn [...]

3 Jun, 2017

10 Tips to Manifesting a Marketing Mindset

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1. Prioritize Marketing - There is a wise Buddhist saying 'What has long been neglected cannot be restored immediately', and it is so true. Consistency keeps your pipeline full. Of all the business functions you're responsible for, Marketing is the most important. Marketing and all of its components is the only revenue-producing business function there is. [...]