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Randye Spina
Chief Solutions Officer

Hi! I’m Randye Spina, Chief Solutions Officer of Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC. A corporate refugee, I’ve always believed in supporting locally-owned businesses.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to make limited small business marketing budgets work – I was the co-owner of a retail store myself some years ago. Of course, I had the benefit of having been a marketing professional my entire career so I applied the same time-tested, successful strategies and techniques I used in my ‘day job’ to the store just on a much smaller scale.

I took a struggling business on its last breath and turned it around in just one year to make it profitable. I did it and you can too!

Here’s some other things I do:

  • I’ve authored Proven Techniques to Profitably Market Your Small Business, and I’m a contributor to The eBay Marketing Bible, written by Cliff Ennico.

  • Workshops and Training are a big part of what I do as well. I’m vested in my local community and love meeting new entrepreneurs driven by their passions to succeed. I’ve worked with SCORE, the Mayor’s Small Business Development Office, and other community organizations.

  • When I’m not working with clients I can be found in the classroom teaching Marketing and Communication at several colleges and universities in the area.

  • Here are some newsworthy items I’ve written that you might like to read.

  • So…let’s talk! Call to get your FREE no-obligation 15-minute consultation.

Marketing Solution Providers

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Solution Partners

We’re a collaborative network of national independent small business marketing specialists, designers, SEO/internet gurus, web designers & developers, copywriters, PR pros, printers, videographers, mailhouse services, photographers & more — all hand-selected, proven professionals in their fields. This means that:

  • You get best-practices marketing expertise at your fingertips
  • You don’t have to stress about finding each individual service provider for a project – we’ve got it covered
  • If you join My Affordable Marketing Plan, you’ll enjoy pre-negotiated discounts with our solution providers
Lola Belle

Chief Kitten Officer

As Chief Kitten Officer, my main role is keeping an eye on everything. Then eating treats and cat-napping.

  • I make sure the chairs are kept warm if left empty for more than 10 seconds
  • I catch everything that falls on the floor, then lay down on them so they don’t get away again
  • Not to be outdone by a human, I’ve had my own 15 minutes of fame on this lifestyle blog Pets at Work

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