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Project Description

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Afraid of commitment?

If you know you need marketing assistance, but aren’t sure what kind, then this innovative new service is for you!

Geared toward small business owners who desire the input of a marketing professional without the long term commitment of retainer agreements or a contract, a Marketing Session can be just the right solution for you.

Join me on the couch!

Here’s How It Works:

Number 1

Book your Marketing Session now and experience affordable, accessible marketing customized for your business.

Number 2

Once you’ve purchased your session, email me with your contact information and a brief description of your marketing challenge, along with your website, social media links and/or PDFs of any marketing collateral materials. I’ll also need 3 days/times to choose from with your availability for our 50-minute Session. (Please plan to be in front of a screen when we do the call.)

Number 3

I will confirm our appointment via email and will then call you at the assigned time. Once on the call, get ready to take lots and lots of notes. As we move through and address your issues, you’ll get tons of best practices and DIY techniques. And, you can ask me any questions you like, or we can brainstorm together on resolving marketing issues, etc. You get to pick my brains any way you like.

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