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6 Dec, 2014

Small Businesses: Tangibility Pays Off

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Yes, we live in a digital world, however, the world of print is very much alive & doing well. Let's start by looking at some very compelling reasons why small business owners should consider the tangibility success factor of printed materials as part of their marketing mix: 1. Think of how many business emails you receive [...]

21 Nov, 2014

Small Business Press Kits Done Right

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If you've ever wanted to get media coverage but haven't been sure how to do it, I'm going to walk you through the steps to create a Media Kit, also called a Press Kit, and depending upon the specific contents and objective, even a Sales or Promotion Kit. So, why do you need one of these [...]

7 Nov, 2014

Celebrity Books with a Marketing Message

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I love to read a good juicy book. My favorites are autobiographies & biographies of people I admire or want to learn more about. What I've realized from the past few I've read is that whether they're a business icon (Cathie Black, for example), or a celebrity (Oprah) each story has had some marketing relevance. Even [...]

24 Oct, 2014

Using White Papers to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

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A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. This definition from Wikipedia also (surprisingly) states that white papers orginated in 1922 as a government tool, with the issue of The Churchill White Paper. There are essentially three types of white papers: • [...]

3 Oct, 2014

Show Your Stuff at Trade Shows

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There are two ways to participate in a trade show: • Buy an exhibit hall pass • Purchase a booth Let's start with the first option which is less expensive & faster as you'll not be purchasing booth space or creating the exhibit. However, you'll still need prep time & a strategy: • If the event [...]

19 Sep, 2014

Just the Data, Ma’am

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All business owners need to understand basic data points in order to make future decisions, spend budget, hire, move, expand, contract, and succeed. However, not all business owners make it a priority. For example, when I ask "How many hits did your website get after you launched this ad?", I often hear "I don't know," or [...]

5 Sep, 2014

14 Marketing Tools Small Business Owners Get Wrong – Part Two

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8. Signage. RANDYE: A while ago I saw a very expensive four-color standalone sign for a Mexican restaurant at a bus stop. The sign said how great their burritos were and posted a phone number, but there was no location mentioned. Now, if you're hungry and you drive by the sign, or you're on the bus, [...]

29 Aug, 2014

14 Marketing Tools Small Business Owners Get Wrong – part one

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1. Business Cards. RANDYE: This is the most frequently used of all small business marketing tools. First, print on the back of the card. You get 100% more space for just 25% more print cost. Also, use the same font and colors on all your marketing materials. This will give you a consistent business identity and [...]

22 Aug, 2014

Public Speaking is a very Affordable Marketing Solution for your Small Business

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Recently, I was invited to be part of SCORE's small business panel so I thought I'd address how to use Public Speaking - an easy, affordable marketing technique anyone can do - to grow your small business. Jerry Seinfeld's joke said it best "According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking. Number two [...]

15 Aug, 2014

Cool down your marketing expenses this summer – try these no- and low-cost tools

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Take the heat off your summer budget & check out some of these great no- and low-cost marketing tools: 1. Aptimize - Did you know that slow-loading sites are penalized by search engines? To test your site's speed, go to 2. BroadTexter - This is a no cost text messaging service that allows users to [...]