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9 Aug, 2014

Summer Marketing

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With little exception, the fall and winter are high revenue-producing months for most businesses. In order to make the most of the time you should have a solid plan for how you will approach this important season. Some key questions to begin with are: 1. What did I do this year that worked? 2. What didn't [...]

19 Jun, 2012

Clients are like spouses, only different

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I had an experience the other day which made me realize (out loud) that long term client relationships are a lot like spousal relationships. After a while it seems they take each other for granted & the relationship needs a little jazzing up to re-ignite the flames. I was hired to create & manage a very [...]

12 Jul, 2011

Reminds me of an old adage…

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So, today it happened again & I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes. Red Adair said, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." What happened, you ask? Yet another example of "I can pick your brains & then do it myself for [...]

15 Mar, 2011

No wonder why retail stores are hurting…

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Yikes! Today I was running errands in an area of town I'm not frequently in during business hours so I took the opportunity to stop into a jewelry store I'd been in before & remember now that it wasn't such a great experience.So today I'm in there with 2 service items to take care - 1 [...]

24 Mar, 2010

I’ll do whatever you want…

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Sound good? Don't fall for it. The 'professionals' who tell you they'll do whatever you want will be the deathknell of your business. I call these folks "order takers" & you should run as far away as fast as possible as soon as you can with the ultimate goal of finding business partners/suppliers who will coach/advise [...]

17 Feb, 2010

Is sampling right for your business?

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A few months ago at the end of last semester, I received a small token of appreciation from a student in my class. He gave me a beautiful, small round box of 2 of the most delicious chocolate cookies I ever tasted. It turns out his family owns a chocolate company. Fast forward to Valentine's Day [...]

16 Oct, 2007


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Welcome to my blog!I am celebrating my new site at - THE site that advocates 'affordable, accessible marketing for all'....My new site was created for small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals who need SOLUTIONS not 'consultants'.Please browse this site and be sure to check out my Marketing Solutions page where clear deliverables and pricing [...]