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17 Feb, 2017

Love Thy Customer

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Did you know: According to NewVoiceMedia, an estimated $41 billion is lost by US companies alone each year due to poor Customer Service. The probability of selling to an existing satisfied customer is 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer, says Marketing Metrics. Price-related issues are less detrimental to a business [...]

25 Nov, 2015

During This Week of Giving Thanks Remember the Power of a Thank You

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This week I did business with two new places I'd never been before. One was a restaurant; the other a veterinarian. Both of these new businesses seem to be doing most everything right from a start up marketing perspective – good locations; clear street signage (that's how I found them); appropriate pricing; and the like. However, [...]

19 Jun, 2012

Clients are like spouses, only different

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I had an experience the other day which made me realize (out loud) that long term client relationships are a lot like spousal relationships. After a while it seems they take each other for granted & the relationship needs a little jazzing up to re-ignite the flames. I was hired to create & manage a very [...]

15 Mar, 2011

No wonder why retail stores are hurting…

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Yikes! Today I was running errands in an area of town I'm not frequently in during business hours so I took the opportunity to stop into a jewelry store I'd been in before & remember now that it wasn't such a great experience.So today I'm in there with 2 service items to take care - 1 [...]

21 Jan, 2011

Sometimes, you just gotta pick up that phone

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Today I was presented with a potential advertising opportunity to sell my book. I checked it out, seemed like it might be something I should try & so I do - try, that is. I was all the way at the check out credit card in hand when I keep getting an error page. Tried again [...]

14 Dec, 2009

Great Expectations

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It occurs to me that the reason companies use advertising to brag about awards, reviews and related accolades is to get prospects to do business with them and that when a prospect takes them up on their offer they ought to do their best to live up to the great expectations they have set up for [...]

18 Nov, 2009

Customer Delight

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The other day I happened to be in my old neighborhood. On my way to a meeting, I stopped in at one of those little stores with great service that I miss shopping at. The store sells authentic Asian foodstuffs and for a foodie like me, it is a great place to stock up on those [...]

11 Dec, 2007

Is it me, or are all Dry Cleaners crazy?

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This morning I got a call from the doorman in my building who said the dry cleaner wanted to speak with me (is that like being sent to the principal's office?). So...he gets on the phone (without introducing himself) and proceeds to yell and tell me that there is a $15 minimum for pick up and [...]