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3 Jun, 2017

10 Tips to Manifesting a Marketing Mindset

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1. Prioritize Marketing - There is a wise Buddhist saying 'What has long been neglected cannot be restored immediately', and it is so true. Consistency keeps your pipeline full. Of all the business functions you're responsible for, Marketing is the most important. Marketing and all of its components is the only revenue-producing business function there is. [...]

25 Jun, 2009

Vehicular Marketing

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A few weeks ago I had an experience on the road that highlights the need for organizations to train their employees & for small business owners to become acutely aware of the practice of humane driving. In a nutshell, I was on my way to what turned out to be a very painful medical experience. It [...]

13 Jun, 2008

If marketing isn’t an investment – then what is??

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Just the other day after responding to [yet another] proposal to the same company within a year, I received word back from them that it was [yet again] not going to happen. This time the reason was because "we are investing all of our profits back into the business". Hmmm...I thought. Well, if this company doesn't [...]