Proven Techniques to Profitably Market Your Small Business

2 Jan, 2015

Make January a Fresh Start for Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

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Happy New Year! I always think of January as a fresh start. A chance for a 'do-over' from the previous year. After some time off to relax & gather my thoughts, I approach each new year as a clean slate - both personally as well as professionally. If you do the same, then this month is [...]

19 Dec, 2014

Small Business Marketing Research

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If you've got questions, Marketing Research is your key to getting the answers you need to run your business and focus your marketing. Marketing Research is not a cookie-cutter approach and is so flexible, in fact, that small businesses with limited budgets can certainly get the information and insight they need at very affordable costs. Many [...]

6 Dec, 2014

Small Businesses: Tangibility Pays Off

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Yes, we live in a digital world, however, the world of print is very much alive & doing well. Let's start by looking at some very compelling reasons why small business owners should consider the tangibility success factor of printed materials as part of their marketing mix: 1. Think of how many business emails you receive [...]

21 Nov, 2014

Small Business Press Kits Done Right

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If you've ever wanted to get media coverage but haven't been sure how to do it, I'm going to walk you through the steps to create a Media Kit, also called a Press Kit, and depending upon the specific contents and objective, even a Sales or Promotion Kit. So, why do you need one of these [...]