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30 Sep, 2015

5 Things to do Regularly to Support Your Small Business Website

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Each time I receive a call from a prospect to help them with their website, I see mostly the same issues again and again. They range from a poorly done DIY site all the way up to a professionally built site that isn't producing results. No matter what the initial build was, the upkeep is usually [...]

6 Aug, 2015

What is the Purpose of your Website?

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I receive a lot of calls regarding websites. It's confusing to most people and unless you're entrenched in this media it's likely you find it all frustrating and so you put it off, filing it in the 'too hard' pile. Common questions I get are: Can you get me on page 1 of Google? Sure, but [...]

15 Aug, 2014

Cool down your marketing expenses this summer – try these no- and low-cost tools

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Take the heat off your summer budget & check out some of these great no- and low-cost marketing tools: 1. Aptimize - Did you know that slow-loading sites are penalized by search engines? To test your site's speed, go to 2. BroadTexter - This is a no cost text messaging service that allows users to [...]

12 Jul, 2011

Reminds me of an old adage…

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So, today it happened again & I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes. Red Adair said, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." What happened, you ask? Yet another example of "I can pick your brains & then do it myself for [...]

13 May, 2008

Website lessons for small business owners

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Recently I have worked with several clients to redo their websites and I have found there seems to be some recurring issues with small business owners & their relationship (or lack thereof) to their own website. There are some lessons that we can all benefit from to make the most of your site itself & your [...]