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22 Jul, 2015

Small Business Owners: Are You Sure You’re Getting Through to Your Audience?

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I get upwards of 200 emails or more per day. It's critical to my time management (and sanity) that I be able to distinguish immediately who sent me the email so that I can prioritize and be efficient. So, I started thinking about all the emails I delete when it isn't clear who the sender is. [...]

16 Jul, 2015

4 Key Differences of B2B vs. B2C Small Business Marketing

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This past week I was asked to review the website of a company that's going through growing pains, having trouble getting their messaging down and not making any headway. Once I saw their site and social media communications, I could tell why they were having a problem. This company sells high end, state-of-the-art custom software to [...]

7 Jul, 2015

Small Business Owners: Stop Giving it all Away!

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Groupon, Amazon Local, Val-Pak, Comparison sites, Sunday coupons...discounts are everywhere but are not always a good thing. At least not for the small business owners. It used to be that only high-priced ticket items were shopped. Now, consumers want to shop everything from toilet tissue all the way up to mortgages. If you're selling to consumers, [...]

1 Jul, 2015

6 Ways You Benefit From Working with a Small Business Marketing Consultant

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Most entrepreneurs I've done business with over these past nine years have come straight out of corporate jobs where they had marketing departments. They never had to think about this critical role of the business and therefore just took it for granted. Once on their own they thought Hey, I can do this but then realize [...]

26 Jun, 2015

Small Business Marketing – Summer Reading List

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Summer is here & most of us take some time off for some much-needed rest & rejuvenation. But that doesn't mean your marketing has to stop. In fact, while you're enjoying the time off, pick up one or more these great marketing reads: 1001 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Small Business, by Lisa Shaw - [...]

27 Mar, 2015

Small Business Sales Tips – Part One

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The Achilles heel of most small business owners is sales, especially cold calling. I hear this time and time again. So I've asked my friend and colleague, Gene D'Agostino, a sales trainer to share his lifelong knowledge of sales with me here. I can personally attest to his expertise as I was one of his students. [...]

6 Mar, 2015

The ever-important timing consideration of small business marketing

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Marketers should take a cue from stand-up comedians - Timing is everything! The other day I spoke with a small business owner to review his marketing campaign that fell flat. He & his partners wanted to know what could be done to improve their efforts in the future. As we're reviewing the piece on the phone [...]

13 Feb, 2015

Small Business Slogan Development

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This post continues with the branding theme as we go to the next step beyond logos which is having a good slogan (aka 'tagline'). A slogan or tagline is a brief sentence - or just a few words - that when located just after your company name, gives your audience a more concrete idea of what [...]

30 Jan, 2015

Small Business Logo Design

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Golden Arches, Bull's-eye, The Swoosh, Big Blue. These are all immediately recognizable even without saying a word. Consumers know exactly which company belongs to which logo. How? And, why should you care? Well, to put it simply the word is "branding." This gives your customers instant identification with your company, product, service & brand. A big [...]